Shannon RobinsonShannon Robinson
Passed 1st Time
Phil is absolutely amazing and I can’t recommend enough, so patient and reassuring. Goes above and beyond to make sure you are where you need to be with theory test / revision and practical tests. Even throughout lockdown I was constantly kept in the loop. After 2 cancelled tests due to COVID-19 I have finally passed first time !!!!

Bayleigh GroomBayleigh Groom
Passed 1st Time
Phil is a really great instructor very much recommend is very calm in the car and helps make you feel confident when learning to drive. The LDC app also helped me pass my theory as it has everything on there to help revise. Overall great instructor thanks for helping me pass first time๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿš—!!

Charlie CullisCharlie Cullis
Passed 1st Time
Absolutely amazing instructor l, can’t recommend enough! Not only is his teaching top tier but he is also a friendly, patient instructor which makes each lesson comfortable. Despite the circumstances of a long Covid-19 break, each lesson back has still been better and better resulting in a 1st time pass today with 1 minor. Outside the car, Phil still manages to be helpful with the great LDC learning website and is always responsive and helpful replying if you’re stuck with anything๐Ÿ‘

Sophie HeronSophie Heron
Passed 1st Time
Highly recommend Phil as a driving instructor. He is very reliable and patient. He has helped my confidence grow behind the wheel and this has helped me to pass first time!! The LDC workbook and online hub which is included when signing up is one of the main reasons why I learnt stuff quickly after I was taught them in the lessons as well as independent time and this helped me learn stuff I wasn't too sure on. I wouldn't of gone with any other instructor!

Nieve BoadenNieve Boaden
1st Time Pass
I just want to say a big thank you to LDC Driving School - Phil Coleman for helping me pass my driving test. Phil is a calm, genuine and polite person who always asked my opinion on what I needed to work on. I highly recommend anyone who is learning to drive to go with Phil and you will pass in no time!

Sean McInerneySean McInerney
Phil’s a brilliant instructor and a great bloke, he’s always reliable and wants what’s best for his students. He’s quick to answer any queries and flexible. He’s got a calm and patient demeanour which allows students to relax and focus on their driving and of course very safety conscious. I would 100% recommend him to anyone who is looking to start driving.

Chantelle LaidlawChantelle Laidlaw
I’d 100% recommend Phil, he’s a great instructor, he’s friendly and very reliable. If I ever had to cancel a lesson he’d always try his best to fit me in so I didn’t miss out. I learnt so much and my lessons were never boring as I was always learning something different. He was easy to get in touch with and always willing to answer any of my questions.

Fiona WoodFiona Wood
Proud Mum
Thanks Phil in all your support to help Elin pass first time. The support shown included never letting her down, always being on-time, good communication if needed to change lesson times and being flexible if Elin needed to change. Phil was always clear in his teaching and always ensured that Elin enjoyed her lessons. Thanks Phil and keep up the good work.

Gregory CounsellGregory Counsell
I can't recommend Phil highly enough - a really great guy and a great instructor - very clam and laid back approach, highly skilled and knowledgeable about all aspects of driving. If you're learning in the Chester area, give him a shout as you won't find better. (Thanks again Phil!)

Ellie PriceEllie Price
Would highly recommend Phil as a driving instructor! I had lessons back in 2014 and failed my test. This knocked my confidence massively and I was put off taking anymore lessons. I started back up with Phil in November had 2 hour lessons once a week, and passed for the first time since starting again. From the start Phil made me feel relaxed and helped build my confidence on the road, I was able to challenge myself and each lesson was based on what I wanted to do, which was great as there was no time/lessons wasted on things I already felt confident in! Thanks again for everything Phil!

Chris Chris
1st Time Pass
Absolutely amazing instructor. I would definitely recommend Phil. Always bases the lessons on what you feel needs improving. Always punctual and very reliable. Helped me pass my test first time today. Cheers Phil ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

Kathryn SillettKathryn Sillett
1st time pass
An absolutely brilliant instructor, I'd recommend Phil to anyone at any stage of learning to drive. Having had lessons years ago elsewhere, hating them, and being nervous starting up again, Phil immediately put me to ease and kept that dread away. He was patient and confident in teaching, punctual, and really working with the bits that I needed to focus on, ensuring I knew we had a plan throughout. Having passed a few months back now, he really prepared me for the real world driving experience as well, not just the test routes. Much appreciated, Phil!

Phil is THE best driving instructor I've ever had. I started with a lot of nerves about certain aspects of driving (especially manoeuvres), but Phil put me at ease immediately with his fun, relaxed, professional and engaging way of teaching. He helps you become confident by involving you in what you want to do/learn rather than just telling you what to do. He made every lesson enjoyable. I would highly recommend him to anyone learning to drive! Thank you Phil - you're a star.

Claire ParryClaire Parry
Passed 1st Time
Absolutely over the moon to have passed my driving test, and honestly could not have asked for a better instructor to have done it with! Phil made me feel completely at ease during our lessons together, which contributed loads to helping me become more comfortable behind the wheel. Each lesson was based on what I wanted to do and how I felt I needed to improve, all criticism given was done in a healthy positive way, only being given in a manor of which I knew that next time I would get it right. Upon any manoeuvre Phil would be sure to ask if I wanted him to talk me through it or if I wanted to just give it a go myself providing I was confident enough.

Roisin GordonRoisin Gordon
Can't thank Phil enough after recently passing my test, I owe my success to all his patience and clarity on any confusing topics. During the lessons he helped to build my confidence and was always very flexible, accommodating and professional.

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