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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Phil is THE best driving instructor I've ever had. I started with a lot of nerves about certain aspects of driving (especially manoeuvres), but Phil put me at ease immediately with his fun, relaxed, professional and engaging way of teaching. He helps you become confident by involving you in what you want to do/learn rather than just telling you what to do. He made every lesson enjoyable. I would highly recommend him to anyone learning to drive! Thank you Phil - you're a star.

Claire ParryClaire Parry
Passed 1st Time
Absolutely over the moon to have passed my driving test, and honestly could not have asked for a better instructor to have done it with! Phil made me feel completely at ease during our lessons together, which contributed loads to helping me become more comfortable behind the wheel. Each lesson was based on what I wanted to do and how I felt I needed to improve, all criticism given was done in a healthy positive way, only being given in a manor of which I knew that next time I would get it right. Upon any manoeuvre Phil would be sure to ask if I wanted him to talk me through it or if I wanted to just give it a go myself providing I was confident enough.

Roisin GordonRoisin Gordon
Can't thank Phil enough after recently passing my test, I owe my success to all his patience and clarity on any confusing topics. During the lessons he helped to build my confidence and was always very flexible, accommodating and professional.